Centreon BI documentation:ΒΆ

Centreon Business Intelligence is a solution to aid decision-making and facilitate your IT management. Exploring the monitoring events, the performance counters and the capacity data coming from Centreon, Centreon BI brings you a full visibility on your infrastructures and your applications activities with an ITIL compliant reporting.

Centreon BI provides a full package of standard reports which address :

  • the capacity management
  • the availability management
  • the SLA (Service Level Agreement) management
  • the performance management

Main features:

  • Vizualisation and customization of reports via a web browser
  • Advanced (web) tools for data analysis
  • Scheduling and generation of reports in PDF, Excel, Word and Powerpoint formats
  • Publication of reports by E-mail and other standard protocols (FTP, CIFS, ...)
  • Access control to reports
  • Administration and user interface integrated in Centreon
  • Report development libraries

Administration guide:

User guide:

Developer guide:

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