Installing from tarball (tar.gz)

Tarball installation is not recommended


To build Centreon-Connector-AS400 check plugin, you will need the following external dependencies:

a C++ compilation environment. CMake (>= 2.8), a cross-platform build system. the Qt (>= 4.7.4) framework with QtCore, and QtXml modules. GnuTLS (>= 2.0), a secure communications library.

Installing daemon

Unzip tarball:

 $ cd /tmp/ && tar xvzf centreon-connector-as400-server-1.x.x.tar.gz

Start the installation::

 $ /tmp/centreon-connector-as400-server-1.x.x/

Installing check plugin

Check plugin must be compiled:

$ cd /tmp/centreon-connector-as400-server-1.x.x/connector.plugins/
$ cmake && make

Then copy the as400 check plugin to the nagios libexec folder

$ cp /tmp/centreon-connector-as400-server-1.x.x/connector.plugins/as400_generic/check_merethis_as400 %nagios%/libexec/