Regardless of Centreon IMP or Centreon EPP mode, a license is required to manage Plugin Packs. If you use Centreon IMP in connected mode, your license will be directly downloaded to your server. Otherwise, contact the Centreon support team.


Software Required version
Centreon IMP 19.04
Plugin Packs latest version

Module installation

Execute the following command:

# yum install centreon-auto-discovery-server

Configuring Centreon API access

Edit the /etc/centreon/ file and configure the clapi_user and clapi_password parameters, then save modifications and close the file.

Web installation

Connect to the Centreon’s web interface using an account allowed to administer products and go to the Administration > Extensions > Manager menu.

Click on the installation icon corresponding to the Centreon Auto Discovery module:


The module is now installed:


Installing the Plugin Packs

To get discovery rules ready to use, please go to Configuration > Pluin Packs menu and install your first packs.