Centreon Auto Discovery 2.0.0

Important notes

Centreon Plugins compatibility

Since this version the Centreon Auto Discovery module use the new Centreon Plugins system to discover items on hosts.

Please refer to the Centreon Plugins documentation to install and use these new monitoring plugins.

The Centreon Plugins allows to discover items using predefined mode like ‘–mode=list-interfaces’, ‘–mode=list-storage’ to get an XML flow needed by the Centreon Auto Discovery module just add ‘–disco-show’ option in command line.


# /usr/lib/nagios/plugins/centreon_plugins.pl --plugin=os::linux::snmp::plugin --mode=list-interfaces --hostname= --snmp-version=2 --snmp-community=public --disco-show
<?xml version="1.0" encoding="utf-8"?>
    <label status="1" name="lo" total="10" interfaceid="1"/>
    <label status="1" name="eth0" total="1000" interfaceid="2"/>


This new version is build to use new plugins from Centreon Plugins and disable all discovery existing rules. Although it is still possible to use old rules (because rules and discovery plugins are not deleted), CENTREON recommends creating new rules based on the new plugins.


If a new rule is created from the definition of an old rule, check the name of established services is identical with the old name. If not new services are created in duplicate.


  • New cron to execute discovery rules
  • Possibility to execute manually rules using –filter-host, –filter-rule, –dry-run options
  • Centreon Plugins compatibility
  • Correction of a bug to display disabled rules
  • Possibility to use every XML attributes in inclusion/exclusion rules
  • Possibility to change order of inclusion/exclusion in rule definition
  • Possibility to use many XML attributes to build the service name created
  • Possibility to apply regexp on XML attributes values and service name created
  • Possibility to duplicate rules