Backup of a centreon poller

Check if the backup script is installed

Enter the following command to verify if the backup script package is installed:

# rpm -qa centreon-backup-poller

If the previous command does not return any value, enter the following to install the package:

# yum install centreon-backup

Backup script is now installed.

How works the backup script on a poller

The backup script is executed on a daily basis with a cron job located in /etc/cron.d/centreon-backup:

# Centreon backup system
15 1 * * * root /usr/sbin/ >> /var/log/centreon/centreon-backup-errors.log 2>&1

By default, backups are located in /var/backup

To modify this folder, update the $BACKUP_DIR value in the backup script configuration file located here: /etc/centreon/

On a Centreon poller, only Nagios plugins and configuration files need to be backup. Backup format is yyyy-mm-dd.tar.gz

Backups periodicity

  • Backup periodicity: daily
  • Backups rotation : 7 days

To modify this value, update $BACKUP_MAX_AGE in the backup script configuration file located here: /etc/centreon/


We advice to export backups to another ressource in order to secure them.