Deploy a report on Centreon MBI

Centreon MBI provides BIRT report designs scheduling and publishing functionality. Once the report design development is finished, you won’t need Eclipse BIRT to generate your reports. Non-technical users will also be able in few clicks to run the reports without needing Eclipse BIRT.

Here are the steps needed to obtain this result:

Create the XML file which describes the needed parameters

Each RPTDESIGN file that you create contains different report parameters. In order to display them and to be able to use these parameters through Centreon MBI interface, you have to define XML that will be read by the interface to generate dynamic parameter tab.

When creating a new report design on the interface, you have to provide that XML file. Three types of object can be defined in that XML:

  • Text markup to let the user type in: <text></text>
  • Selection markup: <select></select>
  • Multi selection markup: <multiselect></multiselect>

Each of these markup has several attributes possible:

Attribute Description Text Select Multiselect
id Name of the parameter in the report ( report parameter) X X X
title Description field displayed next to the parameter X X X
data Data to display in the parameter   X X
size Size of the text field X    

Find below the possible values for the data attribute.


Select and multiselect list are restricted using Centreon ACL. A user that has resources restrictions will also have the same restrictions into Centreon MBI interface.



If you want to use our default date picker available in the job parameter page and have the date parameter (cyclic or on-demande) linked to date report parameter, you have to use two “known” parameters: “dateStart” and “dateEnd”.

Find below an exemple of an XML file (Host-detail-2):

<?xml version="1.0" encoding="iso-8859-1"?>
<select id="portrait_master_logo" data="logo" title="Portrait master page logo"/>
<select id="landscape_master_logo" data="logo" title="Landscape master page logo"/>
<select id="liveserviceID" data="liveservice" title="Select reporting live service" />
<text id="evolutionInterval"  title="Number of month to show in trend graphs" size="5"/>
<select id="One-hostID" data="host" title="Select the host to report" />
<select id="One-servicecategoryID_cpu" data="servicecategorie" title="Service category containing CPU service(s)" />
<multiselect title="Filter on CPU metrics to INCLUDE" id="metricNAME_cpu" data="metric"/>
<multiselect id="servicecategoryID_storage" data="servicecategory" title="Service category containing Storage service(s)" />
<multiselect title="Filter on Storage metrics to EXCLUDE " id="metricNAME_storage" data="metric"/>
<select id="One-servicecategory_memory" data="servicecategorie" title="Service category containing Memory service(s)" />
<multiselect title="Filter on Memory metrics to INCLUDE" id="metricNAME_memory" data="metric"/>

Deploy the report

On the reporting server

Copy the report design on the reporting server. Centreon MBI main installation folder contains the folders “reports” and “Resources”. The directory tree of your reports and your resources must correspond to you Eclipse BIRT project.

On the monitoring server

In the menu “Reporting > Business Intelligence > Report designs” of Centreon, add a new report design and define the following properties:

  • A name for the report design
  • The report location on the reporting server (relative path below /usr/share/centreon-bi/report)
  • An XML source file that will describes the report parameters of this report design previously created.

Schedule the report

In the menu “Reporting > Business Intelligence > Jobs”, define a job that will execute the report design, all the report specific parameters will be selectable in the form.