This report displays statistics about business activity availability and events.

How to interpret the report

The following information is displayed on the report for the selected business activity:

  • Availability, unavailability, downtime, service performance index and number of events.

The weather icons change according to the SLAs defined in each business activity, in terms of percentages and minutes.

  • Change in the availability, performance and number of events
  • An availability calendar displays only the days when availability was below SLA in terms of percentage defined in the business activity configuration.
  • As an option, the list of events appears with their respective key performance indicators (KPIs).


Parameters required for the report:

  • Start date representing the month in which you want to generate the report (matching the start date in the Centreon MBI interface)
  • The following Centreon objects:
Parameter Type Description
logo Dropdown list Select logo to display in header.
Business Activity Dropdown list Select a Business Activity for generating the report.
hide event Radio button Hide events list in the business activity.
calendar color Radio button Color the calendar in green/orange/red based on SLA.
title text field Specify report title.
time period Dropdown list Specify reporting time period.*

* If different from “Default”, be sure that the selected time period is defined as a Default or Extra reporting time period in the BA configuration.


  • Centreon BAM >= 3.0
  • Centreon Broker >= 2.8.0
  • Monitoring of at least one business activity to be linked to one business view
  • One month minimum of data from Centreon BAM module.