This report displays availability and events statistics for a business activity.

How to interpret this report?

The following information can be found on the report for the selected business activity:

  • The availability, unavailable time, downtime, performance and number of events.

Meteo icons are displayed regarding the SLA defined in each business activity.

  • The evolution of the availability, performance and events in the past months
  • An availability calendar displaying only the day when the availability was inferior to SLA tresholds.
  • In option, a list of events that appeared on the business activity during the period. KPI that are responsible of the events are also displayed.

Parameter :

Parameters needed by report are:

  • A start date corresponding to the month on which you want to generate the report (Corresponding to the start date on Centreon MBI interface).
  • Following objects :
Parameter Type Description
Logo Dropdown list Logo to display in the header
Business Activity Dropdown list Select the Business Activity to generate the report on
hide_event Radio button Option to hide the events list appeared on the Business activity
calendar color Radio button Color the calendar using green/orange/red
title text field Set a specific title to the report
time period Dropdown list Apply the “Default” time period or a specific one*

* If different from “Default”, be sure that the selected time period is defined as a Default or Extra reporting timeperiod in the BA configuration


  • Centreon BAM >= 3.0
  • Centreon Broker >= 2.8.0
  • Monitore at least one business activity and having this BA linked to one business view
  • Having at least one month of data coming from Centreon BAM.