This report presents round-robin database (RRD) graphs for the evolution and performance of Centreon services over a defined period.



Parameters required for the report:

  • Reporting period
  • The following Centreon objects:
Parameter Parameter type Description
Host Selection Select host.
Service Categories Multi select Select service category.
Metrics Multi select Metrics to use. If no metric is selected, graphs by metric will not displayed.
Graphs display rule Check box Sets whether you want to see all the metrics on one graph for each service, one graph per metric, or both.


Go to “Reporting > Business Intelligence > General Options > Scheduler Options” and configure the following field:


In order to export RRD graphs using the Centreon API, the reporting server needs to access it using HTTP or HTTPS protocole. A curl command sent to the URL of the API should generate an image file.

curl https://$CENTREON-IP-OR-DNS$//include/views/graphs/generateGraphs/generateImage.php?akey=$AUTH_KEY$&username=$USER$&hostname=$HOSTNAME$&service=$SERVICENAME$&start=$TIMESTAMPSTART$&end=$TIMESTAMPEND$

Replace the ‘$xxxx$’ by real values.