Hostgroup Monthly Network Centile



The goal of this report is to give you statistics about the centile and the average usage of your inbound and outbound bandwith by interface. This report os only designed to work on month.

How to interpete the report?

On the first page, you have 3 differents information :

  • Two graphs representing the 10 interfaces having the maximum centile for inbound and outbound traffic
  • The 10 interface having the maximum average inbound trafic in percentage
  • The 10 interface having the maximum average outbound trafic in percentage

On the other page(s), there is a listing of all interfaces, order by host and service name where you can find inbound and outbound traffic statistics.


Parameters :

Parameters needed by the reports are :

  • A start date corresponding to the month on which you want to generate the report (Corresponding to the start date on Centreon MBI interface).
  • The following Centreon objects
Parameter Parameter type Description
Hostgroups Dropdown list Host Group to use
Host Categories Multi select Host Categories to use
Trafic service categories Dropdown list Service category containing trafic services
Time period for average usage Dropdown list Low threshold of bandwidth usage
Centile/Timeperiod Dropdown list Combination to use for centile statistics
Inbound traffic metric Dropdown list Metric name of the inbound traffic
Outbound traffic metric Dropdown list Metric name of the outbound traffic


  • Percentile configuration has to be correct in General Option > ETL tab

  • To ensure consistency in graphs and statistics, some prerequisites are necessary regarding to performance data returned by plugins. Performance data are data returned by a plugin after the “pipe” - “|” , these data have to be returned as follow

    output-plugin | traffic_in=valueunit;warning_treshold;critical_treshold;minimum;maximum traffic_out=value

It is important to make sure that plugins return the maximum value because lot of statistics are based on percentage, calculated using this maximum value. Be sure that the traffic plugins return one metric for traffic in and one for traffic out. The unit must be Bits/sec.