This report gives you an overview of host exception events and unavailability

How to interpret the report?

On the first page, two graphs give the number of hosts by host groups and host categories

Then, graphs that displayed exception events evolution on the reporting month by day, and on the previous months.

A radar graph shows the exception events distribution by Hostgroups.

The graph below-against shows the groups maintainability and reliability, determined using an index based on MTRS and MTBF times.

A detail by host group is shown below. It gives the exception events evolution by equipments. And finally, a TOP of equipments the less maintained and less reliable displayed for each host group.

Cover page


First page


Second page


For each host group



Parameters needed by the report are :

  • The reporting period.
  • The following Centreon objects :
Parameter Parameter type Description
Hostgroups Multi selection Hostgroups to use
Host Categories Multi selection Host Categories to use
Live service Dropdown list Time period to use
Trend graphs Text field Number of month to show in trend graphs