This report provides an overview of resource usage by host groups and displays hosts and host groups that are overloaded or underused.

On the first page, this information is displayed for all host groups.

Then, for each host group a separate page is generated showing load distribution.

Summary page


For each host group



Parameters required for the report:

  • Reporting period
  • The following Centreon objects:
Parameter Parameter type Description
Hostgroups Multi select Select host groups.
Host Categories Multi select Select host categories.
Service Categories Dropdown list Select service category.
Metrics Multi select Select metrics.
Time period Dropdown list Specify time period.
Intervalle Text field Specify no. of months to show in trend graphs.
overloaded number Specify threshold determining resource is overloaded. Unit : see prerequisites.
underused number Specify threshold determining resource is underused. Unit : see prerequisites.


This report can be generated using indicators that return a maximum value or not.
  • If the metric has a maximum value, the threshold must be filled with a percent value (between 0 et 100).
  • If the metric does not have a maximum value (e.g., counter for visitors on a website), the thresholds must be expressed in the same unit as the indicator (the counter for visitors).