Reports translationΒΆ

Centreon MBI permits to generate reports in to languages: English and french. It’s possible to generate the reports in other languages if you manage to create the correct translation files.

Translation files have .properties extension, are stored on the folder /usr/share/centreon-bi/Resources/translation and classified by type in sub directories.

English files are named and french files are named

If you need to generate your reports in another language thant english or french, you have to make a copy of all and suffix theme with the local of you target language.

Example, for a german translation the file should be, for spanish: xxx_es_ES.properies

Translate all the eglish content of these new files.


If you to translate only few reports, you have to translate the global tranlation files using the method described above. The files are:


Then translate files of the family of reports you need. These files are stored on /usr/share/centreon-bi/Resources/translation/component/

When the new .properies files translated, go to your Centreon MBI interface, edit a job then click on the refresh button right next to the language selection. The new language should appear. It remains only to generate the job using the new language to see the result.


Be careful to the size of the sentences you use. The report design can be broken in case of use long text.