Centreon MBI architecture

This chapter describes the Centreon MBI architecture and provides an overview of how the solution is integrated into Centreon monitoring software.

The information is addressed to administrators who will be installing or configuring Centreon MBI.

This chapter includes the following:

  • Software architecture diagram
  • RPM architecture diagram

Only one architecture possible: a Centreon MBI-dedicated reporting server

This architecture and prerequisites apply to:

  • Test environnements
  • Pre-production environments
  • Production environments.

The diagram below shows the main components of Centreon MBI:


The monitoring database can be installed on a server other than the Centreon server.

  • ETL: Process that extracts, transforms and loads data into the reporting database.
  • CBIS: Scheduler that manages job execution and publication.
  • Reporting database: MySQL database that contains reporting data and some raw data extracted from the monitoring database.

Network flow table

The table below presents the different types of flow, by default, between the dedicated BI server, Centreon server and databases:

Application Source Destination Port Protocol
ETL/CBIS Reporting server Centreon Database 3306 TCP
SSH Reporting server Centreon 22 TCP
CBIS Centreon Reporting server 1234 TCP
CBIS Reporting server Centreon 80 HTTP*
Widgets Centreon Reporting server 3306 TCP

**Only required for Host-Graph-v2 and Hostgroup-Graph-v2 reports*

Centreon MBI RPMs

Centreon MBI installation requires two RPM packages:

  • Centreon-bi-server: Installs the Centreon MBI interface integrated into the Centreon front end and must reside on the Centreon Web Server.
  • Centreon-bi-reporting-server: Contains all the components needed to run the reporting server – report scheduler, ETL, standards reports – and must reside on a dedicated server for reporting processes.

You should install the MariaDB database at the same time. We highly recommand installing the database on the same server for performance & isolation considerations.

The diagram below shows the main RPM packages making up Centreon MBI. Though installed, the dependancies are not displayed here.