ETL Centreon MBI : Execution


Before going further, be sure that you have installed the MySQL configuration file provided in this documentation. Make sure that you have configure and activate the data retention so that only usefull data are imported and calculated.

Rebuild statistics using historical data

The following command to execute on the REPORTING server is going to:

  • Delete all existing data from the reporting server
  • Import raw monitoring data from the monitoring server to the reporting server (based on retention parameters)
  • Calculate availability statistics (based on retention parameters)
  • Calculate perfdata statistics (based on retention parameters)
/usr/share/centreon-bi/bin/centreonBIETL -r

Daily execution activation

Once the rebuild process is finished, you can activate the daily statistic calculation. On the reporting server, edit the file /etc/cron.d/centreon-bi-engine and uncomment the following line::

#30 4 * * * root /usr/share/centreon-bi//bin/centreonBIETL -d >> /var/log/centreon-bi//centreonBIETL.log 2>&1

Restart the service cron::

systemctl restart crond


Make sure that the batch centreonBIETL starts only once the batch eventReportBuilder is finished on the monitoring server (see the cron file * /etc/cron.d/centreon* on the monitoring server).

Centreon MBI installation is now finished !