Version 2.1.1ΒΆ

Feb. 9 2015

The bugfixes coming with this version are listed below, by theme.


ACLs synchronisation was not working when a user template (except the default one) was declared


  • A ‘Warning’ message appeared concerning the partitionning of the table mod_bi_metriccentiledailyvalue even if the calculation by day was disabled
  • The table data_bin was dropped on the reporting server when calling the import fonction with bam-only mode


  • BV-Availabilities-1
  • The name of the business view was not displayed
  • Minor texts fixes in the header
  • The KPI event list table had a automatic page break
  • The logo was not replaced
  • Hostgroup-Storage-Capacity-2
  • The TOP 10 about saturation was also displaying 0 days saturation (no evolution or no data on the previous period)
  • Hostgroup-service-incident-resolution-2
  • The MTBF was not correctly calculated and sorted
  • The tables displaying MTBF and alerts by host were not visible when generated using the Interactive Viewer
  • Depending on the period given in parameter, the header was not correctly displayed
  • The logo was not replaced


  • New explanation on how to use the ETL to import Centreon BAM 3.0 data
  • New explanation on how to activate the compatibility between jobs and reports saved using the Interactive Viewer
  • The command to delete deprecated APIs has beend modified. The previous one was deleting a package used when configuration the Interactive Viewer on the port 80