Version 2.1.4ΒΆ

July 28, 2015

The bug fixes in this version are listed below by category.


  • The new Centreon logo is integrated into the interactive viewer pop-up.
  • A Centreon update will no longer reset access rights, preventing publications of reports on the Centreon MBI interface.
  • New Centreon 2.6 date picker integrated into the “Report View” and “Add jobs” pages.


  • Non-standard MySQL ports managed.
  • Calculation for events included into specific time periods has been corrected.
  • The monitoring plugin does not check the BAM tables if no application has been defined.
  • The monitoring plugin checks the capacity table (by month) only if the ETL parameters are set.


  • All storage reports: Units are now automatically calculated using division by 1024 instead of 1000.
  • Host-detail-2: The number of events by month was sometimes incorrect when an host switched hostgroups or hostcategories for a reporting period.
  • Hostgroup-Service-Incident-Resolution-2: The number of acknowledged and total events are correctly calculated.
  • Hostgroup-capacity-2: Inconsistency between the storage values displayed in graph by month and those in the table now fixed.
  • All performance/capacity reports: Metrics containing “backslashes” supported.
  • Minor corrections on report text content.

Reports Scheduler (CBIS)

  • Improvement in the system for publishing a massive number of reports when using SFTP.
  • Only default values were used when generating reports through an iServer engine. xlsX, docX, pptX formats are now supported.
  • Bug fixed for ACL synchronization when using contact templates.


  • Architecture schema updated.
  • New architecture schema added to show the main RPM packages installed with Centreon MBI.
  • Minor content corrections.