Version 2.2.2ΒΆ

3 November 2015

The bugfixes coming with this version are listed below, by theme.


  • Centile statitics were calculated even when “Hour only” mode was selected
  • Purge dimensions algorithm has been improved
  • An error may happen when rebuild data using the –no-purge mode in case Centile statistics were already calculated


  • traffic-average-usage-by-interface & bandwith-usage : Deleted services may appear in detail pages
  • hostgroup-electricity-consumption-1 : Y axis had a fixed legend
  • Hostgroup-Storage-Capacity-2 : Graphs & Pie charts by category are now ordered from the largest to smallest
  • vmware-cluster-performances-1 : datastores statistics were not correct when using the “provisionned” indicator
  • BA-Availability-1 : long timeperiod were not correctly displayed in the header

Reports scheduling

  • “Reschedule all cyclic job” button : a confirmation is now needed to start the cyclic jobs