Version 3.0 (May 16)

May 25, 2016

New features

Interface and report generation

  • Reporting widgets have been integrated to let you create reporting dashboards (“Custom Views”) to display real-time data from the Datawarehouse (see the “Widget” section in the documentation).

Availability & Events

  • Hostgroup availability by host categories, by month
  • Hostgroup availability by host, by day
  • Hostgroups availability by hostgroups, by month

Capacity & Performance

  • Metric capacity planning
  • Storage list near saturation
  • Typical metric performance for a 24-hour day
  • Hostgroups, categories performance analysis by day

Business Application Availability

  • Business Application Availability (Gauge)
  • Business Application Availability, Performance and Alerts by day
  • Business Application Availability, Performance and Alerts by month
  • Business View Availability, Performance and Alerts by month
  • A new “Reporting Widget” tab allows you to configure and check the reporting database connection (needed for widgets).
  • New BIRT version has been integrated into Centreon MBI: the 4.4.2 version. Reports developed on previous versions of Centreon MBI should work if developed with BIRT 3.7.2. We still recommand testing them on the new BIRT 4.4.2.
  • New formats are implemented for generating reports: ODT, ODP, ODS and rendering has been improved for XLSX, DOCX, PPTX formats thanks to the new BIRT version.
  • Backup mecanism has been integrated into the front-end RPM (centreon-bi-server). No further need to install additionnal RPMs.


New reports

  • BV-BA-Current-Health-VS-Past: Current state of applications belonging to a view and availability of each BA considering a period parameter (Yesterday, 7 last days, 30 last days).
  • Hostgroups-Categories-Performance-List: Performance statistics by groups, host and service categories.
  • Hostgroups-Host-Current-Events: Current events on filtered host when the report is generated.
  • Hostgroups-Service-Current-Events: Current events on filtered host when the report is generated.
  • Host-Details-3: Same report as Host-Detail-2 with traffic statistics.
  • Hostgroup-Host-Details-1: Host-Details-3 report for each host of a host group.


  • The 3 themes have been updated with Centreon colors and 4 new themes have been added.
  • All 7 themes can be applied on all but BAM reports.
  • Some terms have been updated for ITIL compliance.
  • VMWare-Cluster-Performances-1: Provided space is now displayed next to used space.

ETL / Datawarehouse

  • “Comments” and “Downtimes” tables can be imported according to new interface parameters based on specific requirements and performance issues.
  • Monthly availability aggregation has been optimized.
  • ACL synchronisation status is now displayed in CBIS logs.

Reporting server

  • A diagnostic script has been integrated for testing an install/update to detect main configuration errors.
  • a backup mecanism has been integrated to the front RPM (centreon-bi-reporting-server). No need to install additionnal RPMs.
  • A plugin pack has been developed to monitor the reporting server “ces-pack-Applications-Centreon-Mbi”.


  • Documentation is better organized and simplier (installation, pre-requisites, updates).
  • A new “Theme” section under “Reports” shows available themes.
  • New report book version released.
  • New “Widget” chapter added.
  • The “Advanced configuration & Monitoring” renamed to “Monitoring & Procedures” and its contents updated.
  • New reports documentation is available.

Bug fixs

Interface and report generation

  • E-mail sending problem used to appear when at least one recipient did not have a valid e-mail address, even if this recipient was not linked to a rule.
  • An error appeared in Apache log when adding a new dropbox rule.
  • The interface freezed when adding/modifying a job on a platform with a large number of metrics. Though improved, some freezing may occur when a job is contains metrics.


  • Host-detail-2: Title and the event list table no longer displays the wrong name when the host has been renamed.
  • Hostgroup-Availability-2: Host categories now appear in alphabetical order.
  • Hostgroup-traffic-average-bandwith-usage: The page-break problem has been fixed.
  • Hostgroups-Host-Templates & Hostgroups-Service-Templates: The translations have been corrected.
  • Traffic*: Colors red and green are now used more consistently for In & Out.

Software compatibility

Software Version
Centreon >= 2.7.0
Java >= 1.8.0
BIRT (only for reports dev.) 4.4.2

To use BAM reporting

Software Version
Centreon BAM >= 3.0.0
Centreon Broker >= 2.8.0