Version 3.0 (May 16)

25 May. 2016

News features

Interface and report generation

  • Reporting widgets have been integrated to enable you to create reporting dashboards (“Custom Views”) to use real time data coming from the Datawarehouse (see “Widget” part on the documentation)

Availability & Events

  • Hostgroup availability by host categories by month
  • Hostgroup availability by host by day
  • Hostgroups availability by hostgroups by month

Capacity & Performance

  • Metric capacity planning
  • Storage list near saturation
  • Typical metric performance on a 24h day
  • Hostgroups, categories performance analysis by day

Business Application Availability

  • Business Application Availability (Gauge)
  • Business Application Availability,Performance and Alerts by day
  • Business Application Availability,Performance and Alerts by month
  • Business View Availability,Performance and Alerts by month
  • New “Reporting Widget” tab permits you to configure and check the reporting database connection (needed for widgets)
  • A new BIRT version has been integrated to Centreon MBI : the 4.4.2 version. Reports developped on previous versions of Centreon MBI shoud work if they’ve been developped with BIRT 3.7.2. We still recommand you to test them on the new BIRT 4.4.2
  • New generation format have been implemented : ODT,ODP¨,ODS and the rendering has been improved for XLSX,DOCX,PPTX format, thanks to the new BIRT version
  • Backup mecanism has been integrated to the front RPM (centreon-bi-server). No need to install additionnal RPMs anymore


New reports

  • BV-BA-Current-Health-VS-Past : current state of applications belonging to a view and availabilities of each BA considering a period parameter (Yesterday, 7 last days, 30 last days)
  • Hostgroups-Categories-Performance-List : performance statistics by groups, host and service categories
  • Hostgroups-Host-Current-Events : Current events on filtered host when the report is generated
  • Hostgroups-Service-Current-Events : Current events on filtered host when the report is generated
  • Host-Details-3 : Same report than Host-Detail-2 with traffic statistics
  • Hostgroup-Host-Details-1 : it displays the Host-Details-3 report for each host of a host group


  • The 3 themes have been updated with Centreon colors and 4 new themes have been added
  • It’s possible to apply the 7 themes on all reports except BAM ones
  • Some terms have been updated to respect ITIL concepts
  • VMWare-Cluster-Performances-1 : The provisonned space is now displayed next to the usage

ETL / Datawarehouse

  • “Comments” and “Downtimes” table importation is now based on a interface parameter to meet specifics need and performance issues
  • Monthly availability agregation has been optimized
  • ACL synchronisation status is now displayed in CBIS logs

Reporting server

  • A diagnostic script has been integrated to be able to test a install / update to detect the main configuration errors
  • Backup mecanism has been integrated to the front RPM (centreon-bi-reporting-server). No need to install additionnal RPMs anymore
  • A plugin pack has been developped to monitor the reporting server “ces-pack-Applications-Centreon-Mbi


  • The organization has been improved and simplified ( installation, pre-requisites, updates)
  • A new “Theme” section is available under “Reports” that shows you how themes look like
  • New report book version
  • New “Widget” chapter
  • The “Advanced configuration & Monitoring” has been renamed to “Monitoring & Procedures” and its content has been updated
  • New reports documentation


Interface and report generation

  • Mail publication problem appeared when at least one of the users did not have a valid mail adress, even if this user was not linked to the publication rule
  • Error appeared in apache log when adding a new dropbox rule
  • Some freeze appeared on the interface when adding/modifying a job on platform with lots of metrics. This has been improved and some freeze may appear only when a job is related to metrics


  • Host-detail-2 : Title and event list table may display wrong name when in case the host has been renamed
  • Hostgroup-Availability-2 : Host categories are now alphabetically ordered
  • Hostgroup-traffic-average-bandwith-usage : A page break problem may appear
  • Hostgroups-Host-Templates & Hostgroups-Service-Templates : improve translation
  • Traffic* : Consistency when using Red and Green color for In & Out

Software compatibility

Software Version
Centreon >= 2.7.0
Java >= 1.8.0
BIRT (only for reports dev.) 4.4.2

To exploit BAM reporting

Software Version
Centreon BAM >= 3.0.0
Centreon Broker >= 2.8.0