Version 3.1.1 (Dec 16)

December, 2016

News features

Global: Compatibility with Centreon 2.8 and CentOS 7


  • New report > Hostgroup-Host-Events-Pareto> Paretto diagram highlighting the worst hosts regarding the number of exception events
  • New report > Poller Performance > Analyze the performance & configuration of your Centreon pollers
  • BV-BA-Current-Health-VS-Past > Two new reporting period are available as options (current month and current year). Thresholds and default reporting time period can now be displayed
  • BusinessView-BusinessActivities-Availabilities-1 & BusinessActivities-Availability-1 > an option enables you to chose to color the calendar using green/orange/red based on reporting thresholds defined for each BA
  • Hostgroup-Service-Incident-Resolution-2 > Add average resolution & aknowledgement times
  • Listing reports > Footer improvement

Reports publication

  • The mail publication has been improved and you can now send well formated mails and use macros


  • The reporting server installation is now possible using a single command and the default publication is automatically configured.


The diagnostic script has been improved. It gives now informations about:

  • The MariaDB version & configuration
  • Stistics on the reporting server databases
  • The data warehouse configuration
  • Jobs configuration
  • Software versions
  • Reporting server system informations: storage space & memory



The following master pages have been deleted from our standard library. If you use them in your custom reports, please make sure to update them before updating Centreon MBI : front-page-1-5, CentreonBI-1-4-portrait, CentreonBI-1-4-landscape


  • Content-Diagnostic > Content of the report was not correctly displayed
  • Hostgroup-Electricity-Consumption-1 > Sort on the table listing the UPS was not done on the correct column

Report generation

  • SSH connections after SFTP publication were not correctly closed


  • The backup system was not correctly getting Centreon password
  • Specific port when using a dedicated external database for reporting data is now correctly managed
  • Logs managment: keep 12 weeks of retention instead of 12 days. Fix an error message

Software compatibility

Software Version
Centreon Web >= 2.7.0
Java >= 1.8.0
BIRT (only for reports dev.) 4.4.2

To exploit BAM reporting

Software Version
Centreon BAM >= 3.0.0
Centreon Broker >= 2.8.0