Version 3.1.5ΒΆ

June, 27 2017

Reports generation

  • SFTP publication wasn’t working with CentOS7 / RH7


  • RRD graphs reports : Service by hostgroups were not visible
  • BV-Availabilities-1 : BAs are now ordered by name in detail pages
  • Hostgroup-availability-2 : improve display of host TOP tables. It now only displays 10 hosts but name are easily readable
  • Hostgroup-Monthly-Network-Centile : All report pages were oriented in portrait. Now, only the first page is oriented in portrait
  • Hostgroup-Storage-List : The number of day before saturation was not human readable when exporting in XLSX/ODS
  • Hostgroup Monthly Network Centile : the listing page was not in landscape anymore


  • You were not able to use reporting widgets just after the installation in case of dedicated MySQL reporting database (you needed to make some MySQL grants manually)