Version 3.2.0

July, 2018

News features

  • Want to discover the reliability & maintenability of your applications or ressources? Use our 3 new Centreon MBI widgets :
  • Want to track in detail some performance indicator and extract the TOP/Bottom X regarding the average, minimum or maximum usage on a defined reporting period ? The new Hostgroups Metric Performance TOP X widget has been designed for you then
  • Don’t want to keep generated reports forever ? Don’t worry, you can now automatically delete generated reports & files after X months
  • Want to track the performance of your Virtual Machine ? Use the new “VMWare-Vm-Performance-List” report that gives you detailed statistics about virtual machine’s performance (Memory, CPU, IOPS)
  • New reports have been added to help you classifying your data and be sure that your configuration is clear
  • Report : Hosts-not-classified gives you the list of hosts that are not linked to any category
  • Report : Services-not-classified gives you the list of services that are not linked to any category


  • Business Activities report : you’re now able to force a specific timeperiod or use the default one
  • Optimize the multiselect on job’s configuration so that the interface do not freeze when displaying thousands of metrics. Freezes may appear if selecting and saving hundreds of metrics in those parameters
  • Improve the diagnostic script to gather more information about Centreon MBI’s usage
  • Update MariaDB connector


  • Scheduler : temp files were sometimes not correctly deleted after each generation
  • Empty footer in a mail publication rule prevented the mail to be sent
  • ETL : Manage non standard MySQL socket
  • Data retention : manage deletion of thousands of services
  • Report : The Hostgroup-storage-capacity-2 sometimes displayed wrong order for months
  • Report : The bv-ba-availabilities-list and the “Focus on availability & alerts” component in the BV-BA-Availabilities-1 included the dateEnd instead of excluded it

Software compatibility

Software Version
Centreon Web >= 2.8.0
Java >= 1.8.0
BIRT (only for reports dev.) 4.4.2

To use BAM reporting

Software Version
Centreon BAM >= 3.0.0
Centreon Broker >= 2.8.0