Update Centreon MBI server (Interface)

Run this procedure on Centreon main monitoring server.


Make sure to empty your cache when upgrading Centreon MBI.

RPM package update

The backup system has been integrated in the software so please make sure to uninstall the following package before updating : centreon-bi-backup-server.

Run the following commands:

yum update centreon-bi-server

Alternative : Source package update

If you did not use the RPM installation, you may update the interface using the following package :

  • centreon-bi-server-$version$-php53.tar.gz


Follow the procedure as root user.

Decompress the package and follow the update procedure::

tar zxf centreon-bi-server-$version$-php53.tar.gz
cd centreon-bi-server-$version$-php53/
./install -u

Update of Centreon MBI on the interface

Main pages

Go to Administration → Extensions to update the different modules detected by Centreon. Find the line referencing
Centreon MBI. Click the arrow up on the right in the column “Actions” to go to the update page of the module.

As long as an upgrade button is available, click on it.


Go to Administration → Extensions → Widgets and check for MBI widgets update.

Continue the upgrade with the next chapter.