Updating the Centreon MBI server (Interface)

Run this procedure on the Centreon main monitoring server.


Make sure to empty the cache when upgrading Centreon MBI.

1. Update the package

Run the following commands:

yum update centreon-bi-server

2. Updating through the interface

Log on to the Centreon web interface and go to the Administration > Manager menu.

Click on the orange button to update the module, do the same for Centreon BAM widget.

Alternative: Source package update

If you did not use the RPM for installation, you may update the interface using the following package:

  • centreon-bi-server-$version$-php71.tar.gz


Follow the procedure as a root user.

Decompress the package and follow this update procedure:

tar zxf centreon-bi-server-$version$-phpXX.tar.gz
cd centreon-bi-server-$version$-phpXX/
./install -u

Finish this by updating the module on the interface (section above).