How to check if your Centreon MBI configuration is correct ?

Configuration check

The following checks may help you to determine if you reporting installation is well configured

  1. Hostgroups, Host categories and services categories must be present on your Centreon configuration. More precisely, a host has to be linked at least to one hostgroup, and one host category. It’s services have to be categorized in service categories too. For more details, visit the page groups and categories configuration.
  2. ETL configuration: check here if your ETL configuration is correctly done.
  3. Retention: check if the data retention is correctly configured.
  4. Activate the daily statistics build of reporting data: Check if the cron execution is activated.
  5. Publication rules : Check if the default publication rule is operational.

Check the datawarehouse content

  • At the end of the installation, you normaly have executed the rebuild of historical statistics. You can check if the datawarehouse is up-to-date using the following commands.

    /usr/share/centreon-bi/etl/ --db-content

    The output message should be: ETL execution OK, database is up-to-date

    • To check if all MySQL partitions are up to date, launch the command:
    /usr/share/centreon-bi/etl/ --partitions

    The output message should be : All partitions are up-to-date

If one of the commands give an error message, you may check the installation part where it is explain how to rebuild the datawarehouse