Checking the Centreon MBI configuration

Configuration check

The following procedures will help you to determine whether your reporting installation is properly configured:

  1. Centreon configuration: Hostgroups, Host Categories and Services Categories must be present in your Centreon configuration. More precisely, a host has to be linked to at least one hostgroup and one host category. The host’s services also have to be added to a service category. For more details, visit the page groups and categories configuration.
  2. ETL configuration: Check here to ensure that the ETL configuration is correct.
  3. Data retention: Make sure data retention is correctly configured.
  4. Building reporting data: Activate the daily statistics build for the reporting data. Make sure the cron execution is activated.
  5. Publication rules: Verify that the default publication rule is functioning.

Datawarehouse content

  • Following the installation process, you normally would have executed a rebuid of the statistics.

    • You can check if the datawarehouse is up to date using the following commands:

      /usr/share/centreon-bi/etl/ --db-content

    The output message should read: ETL execution OK, database is up-to-date

    • To check if all MySQL partitions are up to date, launch the command:

      /usr/share/centreon-bi/etl/ --partitions

    The output message should be : All partitions are up-to-date

If one of the commands produces an error message, refer to:

how to rebuild the datawarehouse to rebuild the statistics.