Storage list near saturation


Thi widget displays storage space approaching saturation. It also shows the real-time value and the evolution since the previous day. The calculation is made comparing J-X and J storage values. Only used storage space that increases is shown in this widget.




  • Select a hostgroup: Select a host group containing storage services.
  • Type the name of a host category to filter on (separate with ,).
  • Type the name of a service category to filter on (separate with ,).
  • What metric should be used (you can use %): Example: used_%
  • Number of hosts to display: Specify for number of lines in table.
  • Display a warning when number of days remaining is less than N: Estimate the number of days before saturation. A warning icon appears before reaching this “security” threshold.
  • Base the speed calculation on the (Days -x) with X =: Specify day to compare to current day for calculating the evolution of speed and saturation.
  • Type the name of the time period corresponding to 24x7: Indicate time period in hours/days.
  • Refresh Interval (seconds): Sets automatic refresh time for widgets.