Graph rebuild

Centreon Broker can rebuild graphs that it generates. The rebuild process is separated in two phases. Rebuild checks and orders generation take place in storage endpoints whereas actual rebuild (RRD file deletion, recreation and update) is done in RRD endpoints. With a standard Centreon setup, the rebuild process can be entirely controlled from Centreon. Check the Centreon manual for more information.

In storage endpoints

Storage endpoints check the database they’re connected to regularly for graphs to rebuild. This is determined by the must_be_rebuild field of the metrics table. When must_be_rebuild is set to ‘1’, the rebuild process is engaged for the graph:

  • the must_be_rebuild flag is set to ‘2’ (in rebuild)
  • rebuild start order is sent
  • historical data is collected from the data_bin table
  • historical data is sent
  • rebuild end order is sent
  • the must_be_rebuild flag is set to ‘0’ (no rebuild)

In RRD endpoints

Nothing particular here. The RRD endpoints wait for rebuild orders. Once received, existing RRD graph is deleted and rebuild with historical data generated by storage endpoints.