Centreon Broker 3.0.3

Bug fixes

Non-OK statuses in BAM expressions were always considered as OK

Non-OK statuses in BAM expressions (such as {CRITICAL}) were always treated as OKs by the BAM computation engine. Therefore most expressions using non-OK stasuses were improperly evaluated and sometimes trigger BA impacts that were not justified.

Use non-standard path in watchdog

The watchdog was always using /usr/sbin/cbd to run the Centreon Broker daemon. This was not aligned with the build variable WITH_PREFIX_BIN. This should help users of Debian-based distributions in their manual installations.

Centreon Broker 3.0.2

Bug fixes

Cleanup service events after host deletion

This fix was introduced along Centreon Engine 1.6.2. It allows service events to be properly cleaned up after host deletion.

Asynchronous host/service cleanup

The SQL cleanup thread contained an invalid query that prevented hosts and services tables to be cleaned up properly.

Centreon Broker 3.0.1

What’s new

Immediate shutdown

Now even in case of heavy load Centreon Broker will shutdown in seconds instead of multiple minutes in some circumstances.

Automatic data retention

Centreon Broker fully handle data retention on its own. Configuration is very limited : a cache directory and a watermark limit.

JSON statistics

For better programatic use of Centreon Broker statistics, these information are now written in JSON.

Compatibility with Centreon Engine 1.6

Centreon Engine 1.6 introduces technical changes needed by Centreon Broker 3 and is therefore not compatible with the earlier releases of Centreon Engine.

Dropped support of NDO protocol

The NDO protocol is no longer supported by Centreon Broker. Please use the BBDO protocol instead, which is far better (lower network footprint, automatic compression and encryption).