BAM expressions

The BAM module of Centreon Broker work together with Centreon BAM to compute (among other things) Business Activites availabilities. To compute these availabilities, which can be quite complex, Centreon Broker can use expressions. And these expressions can be used as KPIs that impact BAs whether they’re true or not.

Expressions are expressed in a programming-language-like syntax that contain basic operators and function calls.


Operator Action
== Boolean equality check.
!= Boolean inequality check.
|| Boolean OR.
&& Boolean AND.
! Boolean negate.
> Strictly greater than.
>= Greater or equal to.
< Strictly less than.
<= Less than or equal to.
+ Add.
- Substract.
* Multiply.
/ Divide.
% Modulus.


Function Action Example
HOSTSTATUS() Get the numeric status of a host. HOSTSTATUS(‘Central-Server’)
SERVICESTATUS() Get the numeric status of a service. SERVICESTATUS(‘Central-Server’, ‘Ping’)
AVERAGE() Compute the average value of its arguments. AVERAGE(36, 42, 26) AVERAGE(METRICS(‘rta’))
COUNT() Compute the number of its arguments. COUNT(36, 42, 26) COUNT(METRICS(‘rta’))
MAX() Compute the maximum value of its arguments. MAX(36, 42, 26) MAX(METRICS(‘rta’))
MIN() Compute the minimum value of its arguments. MIN(36, 42, 26) MIN(METRICS(‘rta’))
SUM() Compute the sum of its arguments. SUM(36, 42, 26) SUM(METRICS(‘rta’))
METRICS() Get multiple metrics that matches a metric name. Its use is only allowed in aggregation functions. It should not be used directly as an operand. METRICS(‘rta’)
METRIC() Get a single metric value. It can be used directly as an operand or as an argument to an aggregation function. METRIC(‘Central-Server’, ‘Ping’, ‘rta’) AVERAGE(METRICS(‘rta’), METRIC(‘Central-Server’, ‘Ping’, ‘my_custom_rta’))
CALL() Call another expression from its name (defined in Centreon BAM). CALL(‘MyExpression’)


To make things clearer, some macros are available.

Macro Description
OK OK status’ numeric ID. Evaluates to 0.
WARNING WARNING status’ numeric ID. Evaluates to 1.
CRITICAL CRITICAL status’ numeric ID. Evaluates to 2.
UNKNOWN UNKNOWN status’ numeric ID. Evaluates to 3.
UP UP status’ numeric ID. Evaluates to 0.
DOWN DOWN status’ numeric ID. Evaluates to 1.
UNREACHABLE UNREACHABLE status’ numeric ID. Evaluates to 2.

Concrete examples

Check if a service is OK.

SERVICESTATUS(‘Central-Server’, ‘Ping’) == OK

Check if the sum of all traffics exceed a threshold.

SUM(METRICS(‘traffic_in’), METRICS(‘traffic_out’)) > 100000000