• I heard that Centreon Broker can replace NDOutils. But where are ndomod and ndo2db?

    In Centreon Broker, you do not have direct replacements for the ndomod and ndo2db software. Instead you have a NEB module and a binary ; but both have the same features ! This means that if you have a small setup, you’ll only need to configure the NEB module which will directly write to the database. No need of extra administration for a daemon ! On the other hand, large setup can move load from the monitoring servers to a single centralized daemon that will insert all data in the database.

  • The Broker module is not working. I only get the message “Function nebmodule_init() in module ‘/path/to/cbmod.so’ returned an error. Module will be unloaded.” in the logs of my monitoring engine.

    Check that the log file(s) you configured exist and have proper rights. It need to be writable by the user under which your monitoring engine runs.

  • Cannot load Broker modules: “could not load library ‘/path/to/10-neb.so’: Cannot load library /path/to/10-neb.so: (/path/to/10-neb.so: undefined symbol: _ZTIN3com8centreon6broker2io4dataE)” (or similar)

    You are proba’‘Code Text’‘bly using Nagios. Your options are 1) use Centreon Engine or 2) recompile Nagios.

    For Centreon Engine, the installation process is described here.

    If you choose to use Nagios, you need to recompile it with the ltdl library disabled. For this either 1) temporary move the ltdl.h header file (probably located in /usr/include) or 2) remove the libltdl-dev package (or similar). To check if your recompilation was successful run:

    $ objdump -T /path/to/nagios | grep dlopen

    The output shall not contain lt_dlopen, only dlopen.

  • How can I rotate the Broker logs?

    Centreon Broker never release handles to log files. This means that the recommanded way to rotate Broker logs it to 1) copy the log file and 2) truncate it. You’ll find below a sample logrotate configuration file that do just that.:

    /var/log/centreon-broker/*log {
    rotate 7
    size 100M