Centreon Broker 19.10.3

Bug fixes

Downtimes deletion

When downtimes were deleted, they were badly deleted and this could create memory issues. The change on the Broker side is due to NEB headers changes.

Centreon Broker 19.10.2

Bug fixes

Fixed downtimes and notifications

When two contiguous downtimes are parametrized. It was possible to have notifications of critical devices between them. This version of broker is needed because of changes in the Engine timed_event class.

Connction lost when One peer retention is active

When a central and a poller are using One peer retention and the poller get disconnected then reconnection will never occur.

Centreon Broker 19.10.1


Stream connector

A new function broker.url_encode(string) has been added to the stream connector that URL encodes strings.

Centreon Broker 19.10

Bug fixes

Remote Server

Sql requests blocking several Centreon functionalities have been fixed.


Centreon Broker now supports last RRDtool versions.

Support for XOR in BAM

Xor was buggy in BAM boolean rules. It is now fixed

Cache fixes

Cache was lost on some streams (SQL, Graphite, InfluxDB).


Cmake cleanup

The build directory is now gone away. We use now cmake as intended, this solves issues with some ide (like kdevelop)...

Strict mode

A lot of sql requests were not compatible with MariaDB/MySql strict mode. They have been fixed.

New json library

We have remove the yajl code from the code base. We now use json11 framework from dropbox folks.

Switch to C++11

Centreon Broker now is C++11 compatible.