Centreon CLAPI aims to offer (almost) all the features that are available on the user interface in terms of configuration.


  • Add/Delete/Update objects such as hosts, services, host templates, host groups, contacts etc...
  • Generate configuration files
  • Test configuration files
  • Move configuration files to monitoring pollers
  • Restart monitoring pollers
  • Import and export objects

Basic usage

All actions in Centreon CLAPI will require authentication, so your commands will always start like this:

# cd /usr/share/centreon/www/modules/centreon-clapi/core
# ./centreon -u admin -p centreon [...]

Obviously, the -u option is for the username and the -p option is for the password. If your passwords are encoded with SHA1 in database, use the -s option:

# ./centreon -u admin -p centreon -s [...]