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Centreon upgrade

Upgrade a central server

This part is a how to upgrade a Centreon DSM for a central server.

Centreon DSM server and client will be installed on the main server.

The version 1.x of Centreon DSM doesn’t contain a server and a client: the client embed the intelligence and the server is just a cron task.

This organization was a problem due of load problems. That’s why we completely change this module. That’s why this version is a major version.

To upgrade run the following command:

$ yum upgrade centreon-dsm-server centreon-dsm-client

After installing the rpm, you have to finish the module installation via the web frontend. Go on:

Administration > Modules

Install the Centreon-DSM module.


Your Centreon DSM Module is now installed.


In order to migrate the trap configuration, you have to change all specific commands configured on your specific traps. On each specific commands rename the following path:




All parameters are the same.

Install a poller

This part is a howto install Centreon DSM on a poller. Only client will be installed on a poller.

To install centreon DSM, run the following commands:

$ yum erase centreon-dsm
$ yum install centreon-dsm-client

You have now to configure MySQL access in order that your poller is enable to connect to central server with the centreon user to the centreon and centreon_storage database.

In order to do that, connect you on MySQL with root user and launch the following request:

$ GRANT SELECT ON `centreon`.`*` TO 'centreon'@'POLLER_IP';
$ GRANT SELECT, INSERT, UPDATE ON `centreon_storage`.`*` TO 'centreon'@'POLLER_IP';

Now, from your poller, try to connect with MySQL client. If you have problem to configure MySQL connection, please refer to the database documentation:

Base configuration of pollers

The communication between a poller and a central server is by MySQL. DSM Client need to have access to MySQL server in order to store new alarms.


The new trap system centreontrapd doesn’t need an access to the database but Centreon-DSM does.