Configure the access to the wikiΒΆ

Before starting with Centreon Knowledge Base, you need to configure it to access the wiki database. To do so you must fill a file called wiki.conf.php which is at the root of your Centreon Knowledge Base installation: <install_dir>/centreon/www/modules/centreon-knowledgebase/wiki.conf.php.

The file looks like this:

 * MySQL Database Connexion
$db_name = "wikidb";
$db_user = "centreon";
$db_password = "password";
$db_host = "localhost";
$db_prefix = "";

 * Wiki URL without a / at the end
$WikiURL = "http://wiki.localhost/mediawiki";
$CentreonURL = "http://localhost/centreon";
$etc_centreon = "/etc/centreon/";
$log_centreon = "/var/log/centreon/";
Conf variables Description
$db_name MediaWiki’s database name
$db_user MySQL user that can access MediaWiki’s database
$db_password MySQL user’s password
$db_host Host Ip or adress of the MediaWiki’s database
$db_prefix MediaWiki’s tables prefix
$WikiURL Mediawiki’s URL
$CentreonURL Your Centreon’s URL
$etc_centreon Folder where Centreon’s configurations files are stored
$log_centreon Folder where Centreon’s logs files are stored