Using sourcesΒΆ

Choose the package to use depending on your PHP version:

PHP version Package’s name
< 5.3 centreon-knowledgebase-2.0.0-php5.tar.gz
5.3 centreon-knowledgebase-2.0.0-php53.tar.gz

Then follow the procedure below.


Follow the procedure as “root” user.

Decompress the package:

$ tar xzf centreon-knowledegebase-2.0.0-php5.tar.gz
$ cd centreon-knowledegebase-2.0.0-php5/
$ ./install -i

Specify the directory where instCentWeb.conf is located:


Then specify where php.ini is located:


If the installation successfully ends continue to next step, otherwise restart the process from ./install -i: