API (beta)

If you want to automate standard views creation or maintenance, you may use the Centreon MAP API.

With this API, in beta version, you can create/update/delete standard views. To be able to use the API, the account you use needs to have one of the following privileges:

  • Centreon Admin
  • Centreon MAP admin
  • Centreon MAP view creation rights & editions rights on views you want to update/delete

To access the API documentation, two possibilities:

  • You have Centreon MAP, go to the following URL:
  • You don’t have Centreon MAP, you can preview the API capabilities here:

Because the Centreon Map API is not trivial to use, here is a scenario that authenticate, then create a map and add an host on it.

1. Authentication

POST : http://{{serverURL}}:8080/centreon-studio/services/rest/authentication?encoded=false
Headers {
        Content-Type = application/x-www-form-urlencoded
        X-Client-Version = 19.10.0
Body {
        user = admin
        password = centreon

In the result, retrieve the {studio-session} (token), you’ll need to use it all your API calls. The headers will look like this:

Headers {
      Content-Type = application/json
          X-client-version = 19.10.0
          studio-session = {studio-session}

2. Create a Map

POST http://{{serverURL}}:8080/centreon-studio/api/beta/maps
Headers {
        Content-Type = application/json
        X-client-version = 19.10.0
        studio-session = {studio-session}
Body {
    "label": "My new Map create from API"

Retrieve the ID of the view returned: {viewId}

3.Open the Map

GET http://{{serverURL}}:8080/centreon-studio/api/beta/maps/{viewId}

4.Create a host element (not yet on the map)

POST http://{{serverURL}}:8080/centreon-studio/api/beta/centreon-resources
Body: {
    "label": "FR - Rectangle",
    "abscissa": 120,
    "ordinate": 120,
    "width": 130,
    "height": 53,
    "color": "#0096ff",
    "thickness": 1,
    "borderColor": "#f0f0f0",
    "line": 1,
    "type": "RECTANGLE"

Retrieve the element id you just created : {id}

5. Attach the element to the opened view

PUT http://{{serverURL}}:8080/centreon-studio/api/beta/views/{viewId}/elements/{id}