Create a GeoView

Add a new view

You can create geographic views using the web interface, to do so:

  1. Go to Monitoring > Map and click on the “+” on the Geographic section.
  2. You’re asked to give a name to the view and then to select one or multiple hostgroups.
  3. After configuring these two parameters, all the hosts belonging to the selected hostgroup(s) will appear on this geographic view. Their position is based on their lat/long coordinates, defined in the “Geo coordinate” field in *Configuration > Host in the “Host Extended Info”* tab.

Edit a view

If you want to modify the name or the hostgroup(s) linked to the view, simply click on the following button on the top right


If you want to define the default zoom level & position of the view, put the geo view in the defined position then click on the “Edit” button, if you click on save, it will save position & zoom level. You can also click on the “advanced” button to see what coordinates & zoom level will be saved.