On the Centreon Web interface

The Centreon Map server needs a dedicated user that has access to all resources. Since the password will be stored in clear in the configuration file, you should not use Centreon admin user.

Give this user access to Centreon Web ream time API


On the Centreon Central server

You have to create a user in the Mysql instance hosting ‘centreon’ and ‘centreon_storage’ databases.

# mysql
> CREATE USER 'centreon_map'@'<IP_SERVER_MAP4>' IDENTIFIED BY 'centreon_map';
> GRANT SELECT ON centreon_storage.* TO 'centreon_map'@'<IP_SERVER_MAP4>';
> GRANT SELECT, INSERT ON centreon.* TO 'centreon_map'@'<IP_SERVER_MAP4>';

The INSERT privilege will only be used during the installation process in order to create a new Centreon Broker output. It will be revoked later.

On the Centreon Map server

Install Centreon Map from the Centreon Map yum repository. It will automatically install java and Tomcat. You need to have a MySQL/MariadDB database to store Centreon Map data, wether it’s on localhost or somewhere else.

If you installed your Centreon Map server from a “fresh CentOS installation” you need to install the Centreon-Release package :

yum install

If the URL doesn’t work, you can manualy find this package in the folder

Then install Centreon Map server using the following command:

# yum install centreon-map4-server


Make sure that the database that stores Centreon Map data has this optimization (automatically added by the RPM in /etc/my.cnf.d/map4.cnf) : max_allowed_packet = 20M. Then, just restart MySQL so this is applied :

systemctl restart mysql

Then, install the license file you retrieve from Centreon (see pre-requisites):

# mv map.license /etc/centreon/license.d/
# chmod 644 /etc/centreon/license.d/map.license
# chown root:root /etc/centreon/license.d/map.license
  • New license in use (map.license)

Create the /etc/centreon/license.d/ directory and copy the license file you retrieve previously in the folder

# mkdir -p /etc/centreon/license.d/
# chmod 775 /etc/centreon/license.d/
# mv map.license /etc/centreon/license.d/map.license

Execute the Centreon Map server configuration script.

# cd /etc/centreon-studio/
# ./

On the Centreon Central machine


Before restarting Broker you have to export the configuration from the Centreon Web interface.

Restart Centreon Broker on the Central server

# systemctl restart cbd

Remove the INSERT privilege of the user centreon_map

# mysql
> REVOKE INSERT ON centreon.* FROM 'centreon_map'@'<IP_SERVER_MAP4>';

On the Centreon Map server

Check your configuration.

# cd /etc/centreon-studio/
# ./

If everything’s alright, then start Tomcat with the Centreon Map server.

# systemctl start tomcat

Verify your installation

Once your server is started, you can check if all its APIs are up and running by entering the following URL in your favorite web browser :

If your server is running in http mode: http://<IP_SERVER_MAP>:8080/centreon-studio/docs

If your server is running in https mode: https://<IP_SERVER_MAP>:8443/centreon-studio/docs

You should see the following page


The Centreon Map server installation is finished. If you want to configure SSL, you can go to that page : Advanced Centreon Map Configuration.


With the objective of improving daily user experience in our products, Centreon offers you the possibility to send your usage statistics of Map 4 to our servers. We will be able, with these information, to better target our developments, increase the stability of our products and be a step ahead of your needs.

The statistics we collect regroups:

  • The version of you Centreon Map server

  • The name of your company (written in your license file)

  • The name of your Centreon Map plateform (also written in your license file)

  • The number of resources monitored by your Centreon

  • The number of connection and deconnection on your Centreon Map platform. These information includes:
    • The number of connected users
    • The IP address of the connected users

By default, these information are sent every hour to our servers.

You can, at any time, change wether you want to send us your statistics or not and how often, by editing the file “/etc/centreon-studio/”. These are the 2 lines concerned :


We collect data through a service named Mixpanel, specialized in statistics retreival. You can visit the company website for more details. For information about this company term of use, please read this page