Known issuesΒΆ

Please find below a list of know issues and/or bugs you may encounter when using Centreon Map. When possible, we provide a workaround. We’re constantly fixing and improving our software so this bugs will be solved in the future releases.

Issues Workaround if exists
In some rare case, a container’s content may be impossible to modify. In fact, the content is modified but the rendering is not updated on the client’s side, see the workaround to fix that To fix that and be able to update content : Restart tomcat (systemctl restart tomcat) and contact the support so we can investigate on your platform
You may encounter some illogical word wrapping in the web client (word cutted in middle) Adjust elements size or label to have a perfect rendering in the web client and maybe not in desktop client.
Your desktop client timeout sometimes without any explanation, you are then disconnected and see the login page. This may happen when starting the desktop client or migrating from Map 3 to Map Because this may be linked to the time it takes to transfert data, open your Centreon-Map4.ini file of the desktop client and add -Dread.timeout=600 at the end. You’ll have to restart the desktop client to apply changes
An ununderstandable pop-up appears on the desktop client with hexadecimal data. This can be due to some special utf8 characters that may slip into Centreon configuration or realtime database and make XML files invalid On the Centreon Map server, execute the following script : /etc/centreon-studio/ It’ll help you finding those special characters. If the script does not highlight any special character please contact us. This script needs a MySQL user with select, create and drop privileges on ‘centreon’ database
When you disable a host, the last status of its services are maintained For now the only solution to get the updated status is to restart the Centreon Map server (systemctl restart tomcat)
Applying downtime using the web client on host or host and its services doesn’t work at first try You have to do it twice so that it works
When you put hostgroups in a geographic view and display in it a widget, the hosts are not correctly positionned Zoom out until you see hosts
In the view list, when you click on a view, you don’t enter it In that case, press Enter to enter the view
Polygon’s rendering, especially after resizing it, is not correctly working Use images instead of drawing polygons
On the desktop client, a message saying “The Map server is disconnected from Broker” may happen sometimes. Ignore this message
When a poller is not accessible, status of services are maintained  
In the web client, when double clicking on a process widget, the command is not executed on the target host  
The contextual menu > configuration shortcut of the web client on a service may bring you to a bad configuration page  
When you delete images from Centreon’s media folder, they’re maintained in Centreon Map’s sides  
When creating jauge with a width < 200 and heigh < 80 they may be inconsistent between web & desktop client Adjust the size of the gauge