Centreon Map 4.2.0

Released July 19, 2017

This version 4.2 brings new features and improvements that will delight Centreon MAP administrators & views creators. It also aims at fixing instabilities found on the previous versions.


Any desktop client can now be connected to our demo platform. Feel free to try out new features on it using the default profile provided by Centreon Map.

New features

  • The geometric style is now resizable *
  • The host own status now appears as a border in geometric style
  • You can create resources using the “Resource” object in the palette panel
  • To prevent views from being inadvertently deleted, you can now lock them
  • It is possible to automatically apply a ratio to the size of geometric objects based on their statuses
  • The Centreon Map server’s connection profile management has been reworked and is now working like a charm
  • You can now align text inside the following objects: text, output widget, shape (up/down left/right/middle)
  • New alignment options have been included to move objects against each others (based on the first one selected)
  • You can now hide views to prevent them from being visible on the web client while creating or maintaining them
  • The edition wizards are now only displayed when needed, saving you a lot of time when creating/maintaining maps
  • By using Centreon’s severities, you can choose wether an element is taken into account or not in the inherited status calculation (LINK)
  • You can now change the resource associated to the following objects : a host, service, link or any widget ! This will save you a lot of time when combining that to the famous copy/paste feature


  • Graphs have been reworked to make them more readable
  • The desktop version is now visible on the splash screen
  • Downtimes & acknowledgement icons are consistent with Centreon’s ones
  • The number of layers to organize objects has been increased to 11 (vs 3 before)
  • Size ratio properties have been reseted to 100 by default to prevent the “surprise effect” on the web client after updating to 4.2.0
  • (Web) Units conversions have been reworked on all objects
  • (Web) You’re not obliged to empty your browser cache each time you update the web client
  • (Web) The world is now displayed in continue in the web client when using geo view (horizontally)
  • (Web) You can now navigate in the view page make it easy to access any views(really appreciated when you have more than 50 views)
  • (Desktop) Ease opacity configuration on objects
  • (Desktop) You can now synchronize media on demand
  • (Desktop) Improve icons : views, shapes, link templates
  • (Desktop) A pop-up now appears when the resources synchronization is done
  • (Desktop) Gauges are automatically resized when modifying their orientation
  • (Desktop) A “Select All” checkbox and a filter have been added to ACL configuration wizard
  • (Desktop) Status color can’t be modified anymore to ensure consistency with Centreon’s ones
  • (Desktop) The mouse & keyboard are not focused anymore on pop-ups, you may now reactivate them :-)
  • (Desktop) You can now force the deletion of a view even if it’s currently open somewhere by someone
  • (Desktop) A cross cursor is now displayed when drawing object so you feel like you’re drawing something
  • (Desktop) The desktop client is now locked when importing views from Centreon MAP 3 to prevent errors during the process
  • (Desktop) Link creation using link template is now faster : the wizard only appears if your template doesn’t match the target object


  • Manage metrics with quotes
  • Fix meta-service status update
  • Fix special characters management
  • Custom Centreon API URL management
  • Handle service template infinite loop
  • Preferences are now saved in a non-chaotic way
  • Manage metrics and host name with ‘-‘ in output widget
  • Mapbox properties are now optional in server’s configuration file
  • Fix synchronization problem when a resource is several time in the same view
  • (Web) Fix value display on gauges
  • (Web) Fix label alignment on gauges
  • (Web) Fix apache configuration for CentOS7
  • (Web) Fix border management on output widgets
  • (Web) Fix output widget based on meta-service
  • (Web) Downtimes are now using the contact timezone (if exists)
  • (Web) Fix “undefined” name in breadcrumb when the label of a container/group/host is hidden
  • (Desktop) Fix link deletion mechanism
  • (Desktop) Links can be created between gauges
  • (Desktop) The root element is now renamed when renaming a view
  • (Desktop) Couldn’t edit a graph if one of its metrics had been deleted
  • (Desktop) Fix link that were broken when one of the parent had been renamed
  • (Desktop) Prevent the desktop from freezing when the internet connection is lost
  • (Desktop) Fix the dropdown list size displaying metrics in the output widget wizard
  • (Desktop) A scrollbar now appears when the wizard content can’t be displayed at once
  • (Desktop) The client is not disconnected anymore when losing connection to Mapbox or p2 services
  • (Desktop) The multiple edition has been improved so you’re not stuck with a “Finish” button disabled for no clear reason

Software compatibility

Software Version
Centreon 3.3, 3.4
* This new feature has a side effect : in case you applied the geometric style on objects with long label and you displayed it, you’ll probably have to re-align objects.