Centreon Map 4.3.0

Released Mar. 2018

This version 4.3 brings new features and improvements that will delight mainly Centreon MAP views creators. It also aims at fixing instabilities found on the previous versions.


Your 4.1 or 4.2 desktop client will not automatically be updated, make sure to download the 4.3 version.

New features

  • (desktop) Create views based on containers : you can now easily manage multi-level views and give access to some specific sub levels of a view to different user profiles. You don’t need anymore to duplicate or split views into several pieces to manage access & maintenance. More information in the documentation
  • (desktop) Quickly create graphs : drag & drop services on a view, right clic on it and select “Convert to graph”. This will transform the service into a graph widget


  • you’re now kindly warned when you’re using a desktop or web client incompatible with the server version
  • (web) word wrapping has been improved
  • (web) new users are redirected to a blog post when no view has been created
  • (desktop) the “File” menu has been reorganized
  • (desktop) display license expiration on the connection screen
  • (desktop) add a “File > New view” menu so that beginners easily find how to create a new view
  • (desktop) improve performance of pie chart : they may cause the client to freez if you had a lot of pie chart and/or configured on huge groups, in a view or container
  • (desktop) you now get a clear and smooth explanation when you’re kicked out from your desktop client by someone. You’re also informed when you’re going to disconnect someone
  • (desktop) global performances has been improved, the desktop client should be more pleasant to use. The feeling when navigating in views & container may be affected by these optimizations, be sure that we’re constantly improving
  • (server) Improve logs management


  • (web) wrong value displayed on pie chart widget
  • (web) when positionning multiple graphs on a view, they were not correctly refreshed
  • (web) the zoom level and position that was saved on a widget for a view was also applied to sublevels, that was not really convenient
  • (web) on windows, for Chrome & Firefox, when right clickin’ on a host/container object, the contextual menu didn’t appear and you entered the object
  • (web) when changing the default link color, they appeared black in the web client
  • (desktop) stabilization when using a proxy
  • (desktop) file disconnect & restart button stabilization
  • (desktop) when configuring ACLs, one configuration was always not correctly saved
  • (desktop) horizontal and vertical alignment shortcuts have been positionned logicaly :-)
  • (desktop) when creating a link and clicking on “Finish”, the metric part was cleared, the finish button is now working as expected
  • (desktop) the keyboard shortcut (Ctrl+Shift+W) to resize elements based on another one was closing the tab instead of ... resizing the object. This was a bit confusing ¯_(ツ)_/¯
  • (server) some incompatibility with Centreon Poller Display 1.6.x

Software compatibility

Software Version
Centreon 3.3, 3.4