Centreon Partitioning does not offer all partitioning features that are available with MySQL. Some advantages of partitioning:

Partitioning can be used for MyISAM or InnoDB tables. Nevertheless, there are some limitations (main above):
  • The maximum number of partitions (for one table) is 1024
  • Foreign keys are not supported


  • Range Partitioning
  • Create partitioned table
  • Migrate existing table to partitioned table

Basic usage

All actions are done by the command line. It uses a XML configuration file:

# php /usr/share/centreon-partitioning/bin/centreon-partitioning.php
Program options:
  -h  print program usage
Execution mode:
  -c <configuration file>       create tables and create partitions
  -m <configuration file>       migrate existing table to partitioned table
  -u <configuration file>       update partitionned tables with new partitions
  -o <configuration file>       optimize tables
  -p <configuration file>       purge tables
  -b <configuration file>       backup last part for each table
  -l <table> -s <database name> List all partitions for a table.