Centreon Perl Connector itself does not require any configuration. It should only be configured as a connector of Centreon Engine.

To execute Perl scripts with Centreon Perl Connector from Centreon Engine, one might configure commands that relates to Perl scripts. Such commands must only contain the path to the Perl script to execute followed by its arguments, just like one would on the command line. To make it simple, you just have to add a connector property to your command definition.

Binary arguments

These arguments are centreon_connector_perl options.

Short name Long name Description
-d –debug If this flag is specified, print all logs messages.
-h –help Print help and exit.
-v –version Print software version and exit.


define connector{
  connector_name centreon_connector_perl
  connector_line /usr/bin/centreon-connector/centreon_connector_perl

define command{
  command_name check_ping
  command_line $USER1$/ -H $HOSTADDRESS$
  connector centreon_connector_perl

define command{
  command_name check_disk
  command_line $USER1$/ -H $HOSTADDRESS$ -D $ARG1$
  connector centreon_connector_perl