Welcome to Centreon Syslog Frontend’s documentation!

The Centreon Syslog project consists of several parts:

The Centreon Syslog Frontend module is the graphic user interface of the project Centreon Syslog for Centreon local server. This interface allows to configure different Centreon Syslog Server modules as well as to view the syslog events collected by the latter modules. Besides viewing in real time syslog events of the collectors, the Centreon Syslog Frontend module also allows to make a search on past events.

The Centreon Syslog Server allows to manage syslog events stored into MySQL database by Syslog daemon (Rsyslog, Syslog-ng)

The Centreon Syslog CLAPI module allows you to extract recorded syslog events from databases to CSV, XML or ODT format. The extraction made from Centreon server is stored in command line format.


It is important to note that this version no longer requires “php-syslog-ng” although it was required for the “Syslog 1.1” version.

This documentation will explain to you how to install, use and manage a Centreon Syslog Frontend: