Databases partitionning


Centreon Partioning module is integrated to Centreon Web, features and advantages are:

  • It allows you to partition MySQL table according to data date. Giving optimization of request execution time.
  • Data purge is improved, it’s now just needed to delete old partitions.
  • Extent of Mysql crash are limited. Only needed to rebuild concerned partitions.
  • Existent partitions can be partitionned


There are some limitations: - Maximum number of partitions (for a MySQL table) is 1024 - Foreign keys are not supported

Since Centreon Web 2.8.0 version, tables logs, data_bin, log_archive_host and log_archive_service are partioned during installation.

More details about MySQL partitioning here.


The following packages are required:

  • php-mysql
  • Pear-DB
  • MySQL (>= 5.1.x)

MySQL open_files_limit parameter must be set to 32000 in [server] section :

open_files_limit = 32000


If you install Centreon via the dedicated ISO, this parameter is already configured. If you do it on your RedHat or CentOS linux version, you will be able to do it manualy. Don’t forget to restart mysql / mariadb processus if you change this value in my.cnf.

If you use systemd, you need to create file “/etc/systemd/system/mariadb.service.d/mariadb.conf” :


Then reload systemd and MySQL :

$ systemctl daemon-reload
$ systemctl restart mysql