Welcome on Centreon Documentation

On this website, you will find documentations of Centreon and all it's addons. This documentations give you key point to integrate Centreon in your environment and more preciously Centreon Web, Centreon Broker, and Centreon Engine. This documentations will present the main steps of Setup, Configuration and Upgrade.

For OSS products, documentations are stored in the different projects repositories (git). If you see errors or some things to add in our documentations, you are welcome to contribute if you want to help us. You can open tickets to give feedbacks or patch in order to improve contents.

Centreon Software Suite

  • Centreon
  • Centreon-Engine
  • Centreon-Broker
  • Centreon-Clib
  • Centreon-PERL-Connector
  • Centreon-SSH-Connector
  • Centreon Plugins

Centreon Modules

  • Centreon-CLAPI
  • Centreon-GLPI
  • Centreon-DSM
  • Centreon-Syslog-Server
  • Centreon-Syslog-Frontend
  • Centreon NagVis
  • Centreon Poller Display

Centreon Enterprise Server

  • Centreon-AS400
  • Centreon-Auto-Discovery
  • Centreon Backup
  • Centreon-Config-Books
  • Centreon-ESXD
  • Centreon-JMX
  • Centreon-NSClient++
  • Centreon-Plugins-Packs
  • Centreon-WMI

Centreon Enterprise Server Extensions

  • Centreon Modules Installation Prerequisite
  • Centreon-Map
  • Centreon BAM
  • Centreon-BI 2
  • Centreon BI Backup
  • Centreon-BI
  • Centreon-Knowledge-Base
  • Centreon-Partitioning