This report displays the current health of business activities. It also displays the availability on a previous selected period.

How to interpret the report?

For a given business view, the report displays the realtime health state of each business application, the last state change and duration, indicate if the application has been acknowledged or in downtime. Depending on the parameter choosen, the report display the availability and failures of each application.



Parameters needed by the report are :

Parameters Type Description
logo List box Logo to display on the header of the report
title Text field Display a report title
business View List box Select the business view on which generate the report
compare_with Radio button Display historical data depending on the chosen period
show the reporting timeperiod Radio botton Show or hide the default timeperiod behind business activity
title text field Set a specific title to the report
time period Dropdown list Apply the “Default” time period or a specific one*

* If different from “Default”, be sure that the selected time period is defined as a Default or Extra reporting timeperiod in the BA configuration or they’ll not appear in the report


  • Disposer de Centreon BAM >= 3.0
  • Disposer de Centreon Broker >= 2.8.0
  • Superviser au moins une activité métier et la lier à une vue business.