Centreon MBI Web (Interface)

The actions listed in this chapter must be performed on Centreon main monitoring server.

Contact CENTREON service desk to get and install the Centreon MBI repository on the Centreon monitoring server.


Run the following command:

yum install centreon-bi-server

Alternative : source package installation

If you can’t install the product via yum, use the following package for PHP versions equal to 5.3: centreon-bi-server-$version$-php53.tar.gz


Follow the procedure as “root” user.

Decompress the package and follow the installation procedure:

tar zxf centreon-bi-server-18.10.0-php71.tar.gz
cd ccentreon-bi-server-18.10.0-php71/
./install -i


A license file “mbi.license” is provided by Centreon. Go to Administration > Extension and upload the license using the interface.

Activation of Centreon MBI

The menu Administration > Extension of Centreon allows you to activate the different modules detected by Centreon. One line references Centreon MBI. Click the icon in the column “Actions” to activate the module.

Then the following page will be displayed,(with the last version) click on Install module:


An information page shows that no further procedures need to be carried out before or after installation. Click on Back.

General options

Set the following parameters in the General Option, menu Reporting > Monitoring Business Intelligence > General Options :

Tab Option Value
Scheduler Options CBIS Host Reporting server IP Address
ETL Options Reporting engine uses a dedicated MySQL server Yes
Reporting Widgets* Reporting MySQL database Reporting database IP Address ( default = same as CBIS Host)

* The connection test will not work at that moment

Monitoring databases access configuration

Case #1: MySQL monitoring database is hosted on the Central monitoring server

Launch the command below to authorize the reporting server to connect to the monitoring server databases. Use the following option:

  • @ROOTPWD@: Root MySQL password of the monitoring databases server.If there is no password for “root” user, don’t specify the option root-password.
/usr/share/centreon/www/modules/centreon-bi-server/tools/centreonMysqlRights.pl --root-password=@ROOTPWD@

Case #2: MySQL monitoring database is hosted on a dedicated server

Connect by SSH to the database server, and the run the following commands:

mysql -u root -p
mysql> CREATE USER 'centreonbi'@'$BI_ENGINE_IP$' IDENTIFIED BY 'centreonbi';
mysql> GRANT ALL PRIVILEGES ON centreon.* TO 'centreonbi'@'$BI_ENGINE_IP$';
mysql> GRANT ALL PRIVILEGES ON centreon_storage.* TO 'centreonbi'@'$BI_ENGINE_IP$';
  • $BI_ENGINE_IP$: IP address of the reporting server.


If you’re using a MySQL replication for your monitoring databases, when Centreon MBI is installed, some views are created. You need to exclude them from the replication by adding the following line on the my.cnf file of the slave server.


Then, create the views manuelly on the slave server by launching the following command line:

# mysql centreon < view_creation.sql

Please go to the next chapter to continue the installation.