MTBF and MTRS by service


This widgets give you the reliability and maintenability of your hosts, as a TOP x. By you giving you this information you may also know your teams’ efficiency when it comes to outtage management. Additionnal information such as current status, availability, number of events or last state change are also displayed to help you or you team in the decision-making process.

  • The MTBF ( mean time between failure) represents the average duration between two DOWN states. The longer the duration, the more reliable the host.
  • The MTRS ( mean time to restore service) is the average duration between two failures. Hosts with good maintainability have a short MTRS.
  • The MTTA ( mean time to acknowledge ) is the average duration to acknowledge DOWN states. The average is calculated only on acknowledged events.



  • Type name of groups (separate with ,)
  • Type the name of host categories to filter on (separate with ,)
  • Type the name of service categories to filter on (separate with ,)
  • Number of services to display on the widget
  • Select the reporting periods
  • Order By MTBF, MTRS or MTTA
  • Type the name the reporting period you want to use (has to be calculated by Centreon MBI)
  • Display severities: display / hide the severities
  • Display XXXXXX : display the XXXXXX column
  • Refresh Interval in seconds