Pre-requisites: Licences & Activations


When you purchase Centreon’s solution, you need to retrieve one or many valid license key(s) from Centreon’s Customers Service.

This documentation describe steps to retrieve Centreon’s unique identifier that you’ll need to send to Centreon’s Customers Service in order for them to generate license(s).

The unique identifier of a Centreon server is called “Centreon Fingerprint”.

Retrieve Centreon’s central server unique identifier to activate Centreon BAM, Centreon MBI and Centreon EPP

Go to Administration > Extension > Subscription and click on “Get your fingerprint”


Copy and keep the ID returned so you can send it to Centreon’s Customer Service. The way to install license is describe in each extension documentation.

Retrieve Centreon’s MAP server unique identifier

You have to retrieve Centreon MAP’s unique identifier directly on Centreon MAP’s server. To do so, execute the following command :

# centreon-fingerprint

If this command is not available on your Centreon MAP server, please contact Centreon.

You will have to provide it to Centreon Support that will generate the license file you need to use Centreon Map Server. If you already have the license, we’ll show you how to install it while installing the Centreon Map server in the next chapter.