Desktop Client


The desktop client is currently available for Windows, Mac and Linux plateforms (Debian and Ubuntu), only for 64 bits.

You can find the installers at “Monitoring > Map > Desktop Client”


For performance considerations, we highly recommand to have less than 5, 10 users maximum connected at the same time manipulating views.


On user’s computer

The desktop client needs Java 8 or more. You can download and install the latest version of Java from here.


Be sure to download 64bits version. Browsers are usually 32bits and Oracle website tends to propose Java version 32bits instead of 64bits. If you already have java installed, use java -version to check architecture, if 64bits does not appear its a 32bits version.


On Mac platform please note that you have to install Oracle JDK instead of usually required JRE.

To ensure the version of Java you have installed use command :

java -version

For Windows:

Execute centreon-map4-desktop-client*.exe.


You don’t need to be an administrator of your computer to install it. All the installed files are located in your personnal folders.

Default installation folder is C:UsersuserAppDataLocalCentreon-Map4

This allows to install the software without admin rights, but it can be modified to Program files if the user has the needed rights.

The installer installs the software properly and fully integrates it to the Windows environment. It also allows to uninstall it from the Windows dedicated configuration page.


For Debian:

Download the provided DEB file, then enter the command in the root directory :

$ sudo dpkg -i centreon-map4-desktop-client*.deb

Or you can open the DEB file with the Ubuntu software Center.

You should now be able to execute Centreon-Map4.

$ centreon-map4

You can also find it in the list of installed applications.



Once installed, the desktop client is automatically kept up-to-date through an online updates system. When it connects to a Centreon Map server it automatically downloads and install the last version compatible with the server. In order to do that, your computer must have an internet access. Otherwise your Centreon Map desktop client will not auto-upgrade.