Web Interface


On the Centreon Central server

# yum install centreon-map-web-client


Go to Centreon > Administration > Extensions and click on the Install button on the line referencing the Centreon MAP Web interface.

Once on the linked page, click on “Install Module”:


Click on Back to return to the Extensions page. Now that the module is installed, we will configure it.


Go to Administration > Extensions > Options, and in the Centreon MAP menu update the Centreon MAP server address field:


Use the real IP address/hostname of your Centreon MAP server.


Using the client

The Centreon MAP Web interface is now available in Centreon -> Monitoring -> MAP.


Centreon MAP Widget

By installing the Web interface, you automatically add the Centreon MAP Widget, but you need to perform one last task. Go to Centreon > Administration > Widget and click on the “Install” button on the widget line: