Web Client


On the Centreon Central server

# yum install centreon-map4-web-client


Go to Centreon > Administration > Extensions and on the line referencing the Centreon Map Web client, click on the “Install button”

Then, in the page you’re sent to, click on “Install Module”


Click on Back to come back to the extension page. The module is now installed, let’s configure it.


Go to Administration > Extensions > Options and in Centreon Map menu, update the Centreon Map server address field :


Use the real IP/Name of your Centreon Map server



The Centreon Map Web Client is now available in Centreon -> Monitoring -> Map 4


Centreon Map Widget

By installing the web client, you automatically add the Centreon Map widget but you need to perform a last action. Go to Centreon > Administration > Widget and click on the “Install” button on the widget’s line